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Adrienne’s Angels

We take pride in offering a full service, non medical nursing service that provides a seamless continuum of quality in home healthcare. Our Angels treat your loved ones like family while  living at home. Residing in a nursing could cause:

  1. Unbearable expense for your family
  2. Lose of your loved ones assets
  3. Poor client to patient ratios
  4. Possible patient abuse.

Patient Outcomes

  • Maintain their personal  dignity
  • Reach optimum levels of wellness
  • Receiving emotional and psychological support

Another benefit is the presence of a Registered Nurse providing on-going training and supervision. Our staff is trained in State of the Art care for persons with the following special needs:

  1. Cognitive Impairment       4. Disabilities
  2. Dementia                              5. Alzheimer’s
  3. DDA                                       6. persons requiring rehabilitation

We feel your pain when it comes to choosing staff you can trust  to take qualified/expert care of your most precious loved ones.  We even offer hourly services while you work or have obligations causing you to leave your loved one alone.  Adrienne’s Angels Motto is to “treat every client as if they were members of the family”.

Why The Angels must be the choice if your loved one means anything to you

The service we are most known for

Adrienne's Angels

Many providers  send you someone who has not been vetted. The staff at Adrienne’s Angels is constantly monitored. Every person we send you is a Certified Medication Technician. But in addition, there is always an open line of communication with office personnel to provide ongoing feedback.  Finally, we ensure your loved ones get the service they deserve and were promised including:

Why trust the well being of your loved one to another home health care provider?

Training for people looking to enter the health care profession

Adrienne's Angels notesWant to be a Certified Medication Technician, we offer classes starting the first and middle of every month. As a result, you will be certified by the Maryland State  Board of Nursing.  So, put together a group of 10 or more people and, we will come to you.

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